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About MorganOfficiallyArt

MorganOfficially was created on October 15th, 2018 on Instagram and September 11, 2019 on Facebook for my daughters Modeling page with Nana Anns Beauty Products. Ann Hall, the founder of NABP wanted Morgan to have a way to safely interact with NABPs prospective and current clients, supporters, and Sales Reps. To have even more access to prospective and current NABP clients, supporters, and Sales Reps - Morgan chose to create a TikTok page with the handle @MorganOfficially. Both of these pages were created to better help Morgan connect to more people on a safe platform, showing NABPs supporters more of Morgan, in a safe and secure way.

Morgan's Tiktok page slowly became more about speed art then anything else which re-earthed an old passion for art inside her. She then created a Facebook page at  on December 18th, 2019 - that helped better showcase her talents in traditional, digital, tradigital, and glitter art. On June 19th, 2020 - Morgan created @MorganOfficallyArt on Instagram to reach other lovers and supporters of the art community.

About Morgan

Morgan is my daughter but she is also a young lady who aspires to learn and grow on a daily basis. She goes through a lot of trials but doesn't let any obstacles stop her. As she struggles with numerous disabilities, she presses on with innate determination and will-power to succeed in these hard times.

Morgan has won numerous writing contests throughout her years. She won a small poem contest in elementary school as well as an Essay contest to name the local Portland Sheriff Departments new boat (which they named B. Cleary due to her tear-jerking essay on Beverly Cleary.) One of her poems called called China Girl was published in the Write Around Portland's 10th Anniversary Edition book in 2006. In Summer of 2009, Morgan won a writing Course Scholarship to a local college due to a poem she wrote during the Scholorship event. Morgan was also published in the Oregonian Newsletter numerous times on Police Brutality and Gun Violence between 2012 to 2014.

Morgan worked in restaurant environments from age 14 to age 22, from restaurants like Albertina Kerr to fast food joints like McDonalds and Wendy's. In early 2015, Morgan juggled 4 different jobs - from Restaurants, to Professional Security, and even as a Gas Attendant. Morgan worked as a Gas Attendant from Late Spring of 2015 all the to November 2015, up until she became fully disabled. Morgan, being so strong-headed and understandably stubborn, tried her hardest to go back to work for a few months after the unfortunate indecent that changed her life.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. From January 2015 to July of 2018, Morgan and I became homeless. Morgan lost her job due to her disabilities but Morgan did not stop trying to keep her independence and source of income. She tried getting her restaurant Your Place up and running via a little push-cart style kiosk, selling NABP products, Modeling for NABP, and selling her polymer clay crafts. Now, Morgan is trying to sell her artwork in hopes that she can support herself and me. 

Morgan 100% stands by NABP company and their products. She 100% supports both brands and can confidently share the products with other like-minded people and feel good about her role in the company.

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